The Work

Both urban and organic,  jewelry by Shaya Durbin exemplifies classic fine craft with delicacy and presence. All pieces are designed and hand made by Shaya in her Berkeley and Seattle studios.

Shaya starts by carefully selecting ethically sourced stones and recycled metals.  The jewelry is designed to accentuate the natural beauty of the gems which allows each piece to express itself differently and creates the organic feel that is so characteristic of Shaya Durbin's jewelry.

The Artist

Shaya was born in Oakland, California and is a second generation jeweler. After receiving formal education in fine arts in Maine, Florence and Chicago, she moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area where she has been professionally designing and crafting jewelry for over a decade. Since 2017, Shaya has been sharing her time between her Berkeley, California and Seattle, Washington studios.

From designing and hand making each piece to showcasing her work at art shows, Shaya takes pride in being the sole actor in every aspect of her craft. This results in a meticulous attention to detail and a level of care and passion reflected in her jewelry.