Tina Pepa is the creator behind Keiu Ceramics.

Born and raised in Chicago, Tina was surrounded by a community of artists and they were instrumental in feeding her creativity and desire to create. She spent hours on the wheel trying to get her technique just right.  That was over 25 years ago.

During her first trip to Japan in 2006, she was taken by the aesthetic, quiet beauty and tradition of craft and art.  It was within the same year that her move to Seattle took place.

Tina:  "Waking to the welcome rain, mountain views and fresh scents of this city, I’m continually filled with a sense of delight and contentment. I hope I’m able to transfer some of that sense through my work.

While my focus is mainly on functional pottery, my approach is driven more by process, which allows my style to drift from rustic to refined. I love working in porcelain for its delicate and silky hand feel; stoneware, for its satisfying grit and stability, and an earthy quality that is especially raw and beautiful. Whether I’m carving porcelain or throwing stoneware, I’m driven not by the destination but the journey.

The Japanese have over 50 words to describe rain. Keiu is one of them."

“welcome rain”