"Started by Jos and Jorien Wijker in 1998, Amsterdam fashion label Summum is a down-to-earth Dutch brand with international appeal. From day one, Summum forged its own path, using high-quality fabrics and creating great-fitting clothing for every moment of the day, so every woman can dress in a way that reflects her personality. On-trend and timelessly classic designs that are always a perfect fit for Dutch bottoms. Each piece is lovingly and thoughtfully designed in-house by Jorien and her team with an impeccable eye for detail. Itself a rich cross section, Team Summum has a clear idea of what the woman of today needs. What do we really want to wear? What’s comfortable and looks great? What makes us feel ready to roll?

Summum is now sold in eighteen countries, but we still do everything (except production) in-house, remaining true to the distinctive personal style Summum has always been known for. Our guiding principles? We only make pieces that Jorien herself would enjoy wearing. And we stay in close contact with our makers and suppliers, building long-term relationships to ensure the quality we are committed to. Not only in our collections, but also in terms of sustainability and fair working conditions."